First steps in Rust

Getting started with Rust.

I’ve started spending some of my spare time learning Rust. I’m not totally sure why yet, or what I’ll do with it, but I was curious.

As someone with a background in JavaScript, some experience with Java, and some minor dabbling in C, C++, Obj-C, Swift and a few others, I can say that the onboarding resources for Rust blow away just about any other canonical language orientations I’ve seen.

To learn, I’m going through their open sourced book The Rust Programming Language. By chapter 2, I was already playing around, and by the end of chapter 3, I was able to start intuiting a bit on how to solve small problems on my own.

And I have to imagine others have written about this at length, but wow: Rust's error reporting is insanely helpful. I’ve had to troubleshoot just enough Obj-C and Swift to know what it could be like instead.

I’m sure I’m nowhere close to writing top-class Rust yet, but even though I'm just a couple of sessions in, I don’t feel clueless, and I feel a little... empowered. That’s one hell of a first-time experience with a new programming language.

Who knows where this curiosity with Rust will lead me, but for now, I find myself looking forward to each next step.